HDMI Splitter 1 x 2, NewBEP 1 Input 2 Output HDMI Amplifier Switcher Box Hub Support 4KX2K 3D 2160p 1080p (One Input To Two Outputs)

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This HDMI Splitter is a HD HDMI signal distributor, which distributs a HDMI signal from one source(eg:Sky HD/PS3/Xbox One) to 2 HDMI displays (HDTV/Plasma TV/LCD/Projector,etc.) It supports HDMI V1.4 (4Kx2K resolution) and 3D HDMI signal. This HDMI splitter has a wide application, just like supermarkets, shopping malls, projector factories, conference rooms presentation, information distribution, corporation showrooms, home theaters and more
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